February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! National Children’s Dental Health Month is here already! This is brought to us by the ADA, American Dental Association, to bring about parental and child awareness of the benefits of good oral health. This months campaign is, “Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile.” A […]

How Our Oral Surgeon Figures Out What You Really Need

How Our Oral Surgeon Figures Out What You Really Need You know that Oral Surgeons will show you what they have to offer by giving you lists of their specialized dental services. But sometimes you may start to wonder if the treatment you are receiving is what your mouth actually needs. Here’s what we like […]

Why Choose a Maxillofacial Surgeon?

Why You Should Choose a Maxillofacial Surgeon for Facial Cosmetic Surgery When it comes to your face, you don’t want anyone touching it unless they are fully qualified. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMFS) are specifically trained in the speciality of all things facial. This includes the physiology and anatomy of the facial bones, muscles, nerves, […]

Jaw Surgery

You’ve just been told you need jaw surgery in Grand Junction, CO. You probably have a lot of questions and aren’t really sure what to expect and how it will impact your life.   Jaw surgery in Grand Junction, CO is usually done to improve facial appearance and correct misalignments in the jaw and teeth. […]

3 Questions About Oral Surgery Answered

3 Questions About Oral Surgery Answered Did a medical provider tell you that you need to see an oral surgeon in Grand Junction, CO? If so, it can be a little confusing as to why you need to see one. Depending on the situation, it is better to have a skilled specialist who is experienced […]

Dental Implants

Dental Implants A missing tooth can affect your bite, speech, and eating choices. As you rely more on your remaining teeth, you increase the chance they will wear out prematurely, or be damaged or lost. Dental Implants are a great option to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. The implants are tiny titanium […]

Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth? Third molars are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. They are usually the last teeth to develop and are located in the back of your mouth, behind your second molars. Their development is usually completed between the middle teenage years and early twenties. What Is An Impacted Tooth? Most people develop […]

Our Teeth Vs Soda

Have you ever heard of the saying “Mountain Dew Mouth”? It happens to our mouth when we consume large amounts of soda. Dangers of sugar in drinks When we drink something with high amounts of sugar, much of the sugar sticks to our teeth afterward. Amazingly, sugar itself doesn’t do any damage to our oral […]

5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Usually, we try to avoid tooth extraction whenever it is possible — in truth, we prefer that every patient keep every natural tooth they can. Thanks to new dentistry techniques, we can save most problematic teeth before extraction is needed. In very specific cases, where we can’t save the tooth, we may need to extract […]

Dental Implants in Grand Junction, CO.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Grand Junction, Co. When searching for Dental implants in Grand Junction, CO. you need to ensure you get the very best care. Just about every person will lose at least one adult tooth by the time they reach their senior years. It’s a common thought that when this happens […]