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How Our Oral Surgeon Figures Out What You Really Need

How Our Oral Surgeon Figures Out What You Really Need

You know that Oral Surgeons will show you what they have to offer by giving
you lists of their specialized dental services. But sometimes you may start
to wonder if the treatment you are receiving is what your mouth actually
needs. Here’s what we like to remind our patients: It’s fairly simple! You
don’t need to wonder about your treatment when you have the right Oral
Surgeon. With Dr. Kelly as a dental expert in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
all you need to do is schedule an appointment. We will take care of the
details from there!

Below are four reasons we offer excellent oral health care:

We Listen To All of Our Patients

We begin by asking you specific questions. Some questions might sound like:
Do you have any sensitive areas? Does anything feel painful? Have you
noticed any changes or have any questions about your smile? Do you need
help with your dental care in any way? This gives us a good start to what
we need to examine and where to start.
We Look At Your Smile

A person’s smile tells us a lot about them. We can tell how well you are
taking care of your smile and where you could use improvement. Smiling is
also a good way to look for evidence of issues that require oral surgery

We Take Photos of Your Teeth

Your teeth may feel like a famous star with all the pictures we take. We
take photos because we can see quite a lot with our eyes but we can’t see
inside of your teeth or within the surrounding tissues. X-rays are what we
like to use to get a serious look at your mouth. This makes the process
safe and easy for you and your teeth.

We Consider Your Mouth’s History

After taking a look at your mouth we also consider what your mouth has been
through. Our dentist will decide if you need a cleaning or something more
intense such as restorative care. Don’t worry we will explain everything!

See Our Team For Your Oral Healthcare

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