Pre-Operative Instructions for Patients Having Surgery

1. Nothing to eat for 6 hours prior to surgery and only small amounts of clear liquids up to 2 hours prior to surgery.

2. Someone must drive you home following surgery if you are having IV sedation.

3. If taking any aspirin, please discontinue this medication one week prior to surgery. If taking a prescription blood-thinner, be sure to follow Dr. Kelly’s instructions for discontinuation, if advised.

4. Take other medications as directed with a small sip of water at your regularly scheduled time, unless instructed otherwise.

5. Wear short-sleeved and loose fitting clothing.  Please no turtle-necks or sweatshirts with hoods.

6. A parent or guardian must accompany patients 17 years old or younger.

7. Bring your insurance card to help us assist you with your claim if you have not already done so.

8. Please bring a photo ID if you have not already done so.

9.  We ask that cell phones or electronic devices be turned off during you surgery.

Thank you for allowing our office to serve you!  It is our desire that your surgery be as smooth and pleasant as possible.  Following these instructions will assist you, but if you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.

For additional information regarding pre-operative and post-operative instructions, please call our office at 970-245-2222.