I had all of my third molars removed several years ago, and my brother had all of his removed just a few weeks ago. My family is consistently impressed with the service, care, and price of Dr. Kelly’s office. You will be hard-pressed to find another surgeon who can do what he does at half the cost of most dental offices. I will always refer friends here.
-Burt Williams

Colorado West OMS made our family’s situation so much better than I thought it was going to be. Surgery is expensive and especially when it has some complications and I appreciate how Dr Kelly’s practice has worked with us to make sure that it ended up being a reasonable while also ensuring that we got the care that was needed.
– Phoebe Pruitt

Never experienced such nice people in an office, greatest experience it could have been for wisdom teeth removal, such great staff and a very kind doctor!!
– Hannah Halladay

I have high anxiety about needles penetrating my skin, and when I told Dr. Kelly and his staff about this in our consult, they put me at ease by explaining to me that they would take care of me. They gave me an anti-anxiety pill for the morning of the procedure, and then when the time came, Dr. Kelly put the IV in himself and was very aware of my concern and was very reassuring. If I ever need another oral surgery, I will definitely go back to Dr. Kelly’s office because they treated me as a human with feeling instead of just a patient number.
– Lori Wolf